ARPEGEThe selected time, variable and region is available for this model. ARPEGE is the global forecast model of the French weather service (Meteo France). It is runs with a maximum resolution of approx. 7 km in Europe and mean global grid spacing of 15 km. WZ offers forecasts up to 102 hours.
HARMONIE40The selected variable and region is available, but not for 2019-07-19, 12:00. You will switch back to the first available time step.
HIRLAMCurrently selected. HIRLAM is a regional model used by many weather services. WZ offers the Dutch (KNMI) and Finnish (FMI) version. It covers Europe with 10 km resolution and is calculated 4 times per day with 48 h forecasts.
3Thu 18 Jul 15:00
6Thu 18 Jul 18:00
9Thu 18 Jul 21:00
12Fri 19 Jul 00:00
15Fri 19 Jul 03:00
18Fri 19 Jul 06:00
21Fri 19 Jul 09:00
24Fri 19 Jul 12:00
27Fri 19 Jul 15:00
30Fri 19 Jul 18:00
33Fri 19 Jul 21:00
36Sat 20 Jul 00:00
39Sat 20 Jul 03:00
42Sat 20 Jul 06:00
45Sat 20 Jul 09:00
48Sat 20 Jul 12:00
Run: Interval
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